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Interactive Lesson - Programming the On-Level on a SwitchLinc Dimmer

Programming the On-Level on a SwitchLinc Dimmer

In this lesson, you are going to learn how to set the On-level on a SwitchLinc Dimmer. The On-level is the brightness that the light you are controlling will go to when you turn it on. By default, the SwitchLinc turns the controlled light on to full brightness (100%).

Choosing Desired On-Level
  • Press and hold down the paddle top or bottom to adjust the light to your desired On-Level. The 9-level LED Bar shows the brightness level of the controlled light.

    BE CAREFUL: If SwitchLinc Dimmer is flashing an LED in its LED Bar, you held the SET Button down too long. Holding down the SET Button for 3 seconds is an alternate way to place SwitchLinc Dimmer into Linking Mode. To exit Linking Mode, tap the Paddle Top.

  • After you have set the brightness to the desired On-Level, press the SET button at the bottom of the paddle to lock in the On-Level. The light will flash once to confirm the setting.
  • Turn the light OFF and then ON again to make sure it is set to your desired On-Level brightness.